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Onlinecareer S.L. offers Internet users the Onlinecareer website. Access and use of the Onlinecareer website are completely voluntary and confer the status of user to those who carry out this action. The Use of the website signifies full acceptance of the legal conditions, the “Data protection policy” and the “Additional legal conditions” published when the user accesses the site. Onlinecareer also informs users that these legal conditions may be modified without prior notice. Therefore users should carefully read the conditions every time they enter the website, as the conditions may have changed. The user may access, print, download and save the General Conditions of Use at any time. These Conditions shall be permanently available on the website via the LEGAL CONDITIONS link. Onlinecareer S.L. (hereafter “Onlinecareer”) reserves the right without prior notice to modify the content of the legal text and the Data protection policy and therefore recommends the user to read the legal text and the Data protection policy each time he accesses and uses the Onlinecareer website. Onlinecareer reserves the right to modify – without prior notice – the design, layout and/or configuration of the website, and any or all of the services offered, and reserves the right to add new services. Onlinecareer reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to deny access to users who fail to comply with any of the general or specific conditions that apply.


The present legal text regulates the access and usage of the Onlinecareer website.

The purpose of this portal is to give users direct access to job offers published on other websites.
In this sense, Onlinecareer S.L. makes the services of this website available for internet users.
Users who register by filling out the website application form shall be offered the following services:

  • A search engine and directory of job offers by category and location.
  • A directory of the job offers that are most popular with users.
  • The creation of a personal account where recently searched and read jobs can be saved, and where jobs can be blocked permanently.
  • A permanent list of the latest searches carried out by the user that can be accessed from any computer.
  • Subscription to and distribution of alerts containing recently published job offers.
  • Publication of job offers and direct contact with the persons interested in these job offers.

Onlinecareer will only share data and/or information provided by users with other users if the data and/or information are not in breach of the law or the General Conditions of Use described herein. Onlinecareer may eliminate content from the site without prior notice.
The user accepts that it is not technically possible for the Onlinecareer website to be available 100% of the time. Nonetheless Onlinecareer shall endeavour to maintain constant availability. The website’s services may be subject to brief anomalies or temporary suspension, especially due to maintenance, security and capacity issues, as well as for motives beyond Onlinecareer’s control (for example: public communication network anomalies, power cuts, etc.)

User obligations as regards the Site

The user agrees to use the site and its functions diligently, in complete compliance with the Law on good practice and the General and Specific Conditions of Use, as the case may be. The user also agrees to respect other users. Users are expressly prohibited from using the website for any purpose other than that for which it was created.

The user agrees to comply with the applicable laws and third party rights as regards use of the website content and services. Users may not copy, distribute, transmit, adapt or modify the content of the website (text, designs, graphics, information, databases, sound and/or image files, logos, etc.) or any other element of the website, in any way, without prior authorisation from the legitimate owner, or unless permitted by law.

The user is specifically prohibited from: using abusive or defamatory content, regardless of whether it affects other users, individuals or companies, using pornographic content or content that violates child protection laws, or advertising, offering or distributing pornographic products or products that breach child protection laws, disturb other users (especially via spam), use legally protected content (e.g. by legislation governing intellectual property, trademarks, patents, utility models or aesthetic designs) without rights to the aforementioned, advertising, offering and distributing legally protected goods and services, and carrying out or promoting activities that infringe free competition, including those designed to progressively secure customers (chain, snowball and pyramid systems).

Users are prohibited from carrying out the following actions:

  • Using website mechanisms, software and script.
  • Blocking, overwriting, modifying, or copying, unless essential to the website’s operations. For example: the act of copying via “Robot/Crawler” search-engine technology is not necessary for the correct use of the website and is expressly prohibited.
  • Distribute and publicly reproduce content from the Onlinecareer website or from other users, without prior authorisation.
  • Any action likely to damage the Onlinecareer infrastructure, especially overloading.
  • Using any material or information from the website, for illegal purposes, expressly prohibited in the General Conditions of Use or in the specific conditions, as the case may be. Using any material or information that damages the rights and interests of Onlinecareer, its members and/or third parties. Users shall be liable for any breach or contravention of these obligations (including introducing or distributing computer viruses) and/or damaging, rendering useless, overloading, harming or impeding the normal use of the material and information on the website, in the information systems and documents, files and content stored in Onlinecareer’s IT systems (hacking), or those of its members or other users.

Certain functions do not require users to subscribe or register in advance. Nonetheless, Onlinecareer shall make the use of certain services conditional upon the prior completion of a relevant user form, and shall select the identifier and password, which the user will agree to protect and use with due diligence. Use of the password is personal and non transferable. It may not be transmitted – even temporarily – to third parties. The user must adopt adequate measures to protect his or her password, to prevent it from being used by third parties. The user is responsible for the use of his or her password, with complete indemnity on the part of Onlinecareer. If the user knows or suspects third parties are using his or her password, the user must inform Onlinecareer immediately. Users must register by means of specific forms for specific services.

All information the user provides must be true. The user guarantees the authenticity of the data entered in the forms, governing the use of the website’s functions.
Likewise the user is responsible for updating all information provided to Onlinecareer reflecting the user’s real status. The user is responsible for false or inaccurate declarations, as well as damages caused to Onlinecareer and third parties deriving from said information.
In conformance with Onlinecareer‘s anti-spamming policy, the user is obliged to refrain from using and capturing data from other users that he or she accesses via information and services contained on the website, for promotional or advertising purposes, and refrain from sending commercial correspondence of any kind, via any medium, which is unsolicited, and without prior consent from Onlinecareer and/or those affected.
The user is aware of and voluntarily accepts full and exclusive responsibility for all use of the website’s services.
The user shall accept responsibility for damages of any kind caused to Onlinecareer as a consequence of non compliance with any of the obligations to which he or she is subject by virtue of these “General Conditions of Use” or by virtue of the law governing the Use of the Service.

Content provided by Onlinecareer users

Every user that provides content to the Onlinecareer website states he or she is the legitimate owner of the intellectual property rights to the content, which govern reproduction, distribution and public communication by any electronic medium, mainly Internet and email, in the whole world, without time restraints. Onlinecareer does not permit content that damages the quality of the service.
The following content is prohibited:

  • That which is allegedly illegal based on national, community and international directives, or which performs allegedly illegal activities or is in breach of the principles of good faith.
  • That which may damage the good name and reputation of Onlinecareer.
  • That which does not satisfy the quality parameters established by Onlinecareer.
  • Content that is deceptive, of doubtful efficacy, or with the potential to damage individuals.
  • That which supports or justifies racism, violence and hate.
  • That which opposes basic human rights, aims at users’ weaknesses, lacks online courtesy, upsets, or generates negative opinions among users and third parties. Including but not limited to: the legal rights of third parties; content that supports or promotes the creation, maintenance or development of pornography-related business, obscene material or erotic listings; content related to clairvoyance, tarot, occultism and any other related content; and in general any content that Onlinecareer considers inappropriate for users and especially, for minors.
  • And in general that which is in breach of the principles of legality, honour, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of public order, protection of private life, protection of the consumer, and protection of intellectual property rights.

Onlinecareer will determine whether certain content falls into the afore mentioned categories on the basis of good faith and/or requests by third parties and/or institutions. Non-compliance with these norms could lead to the immediate cancellation of the user’s account and the destruction of all user-related content, without the option to recover said content. Nonetheless, Onlinecareer cannot control each and every piece of content published and therefore cannot assume responsibility for all content.

However, Onlinecareer shall carry out regular checks on inserted and published content to ensure compliance with Onlinecareer’s principles of quality, as well as the norms described herein. Moreover, Onlinecareer reserves the right to withdraw all content from Onlinecareer that it deems inappropriate and that does not comply with the characteristics and aims of the website. If you notice any inappropriate content on the website please contact our customer service department at: info(at)Onlinecareer(dot)com and/or telephone 93 504 56 00. Users are responsible for obtaining all types of authorisations, permits and licences required to use or publish content.
Any user that adds content that is in breach of the legislation then in force shall assume full responsibility for the damages and consequences of their actions, relieving Onlinecareer of all responsibility.

Publication of job offers by Advertisers

  • Advertisers of job offers are considered users of the Website. Therefore, user obligations also apply to them. Likewise, the relationship between Onlinecareer and advertisers shall be governed also by the provisions of this section.
  • Each new or re-edited submitted advert will normally be displayed in the Website within a few hours of posting. Adverts are subject to Onlinecareer quality processes at any time and could be rejected if they do not meet Onlinecareer quality requirements. Adverts remain valid for 30 days after having been posted.
  • Live adverts may be edited by advertisers or deleted at any time but they will be automatically deleted at the end of the 1 month period. Note: if adverts are changed or re-edited after the submission they may be reviewed again by us and any time taken by us for this process is not added onto the 1 month period.
  • Every effort is made to ensure adverts are displayed correctly, however Onlinecareer does not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or any direct or consequential losses that may occur.
  • All vacancy adverts must be freely available to Onlinecareer and must be for genuine job vacancies. Onlinecareer does not accept party-plan, pyramid schemes or positions that require a monetary investment by the job seeker, some work from home jobs, barter or volunteer positions etc.
  • If the job offers advertisers publish have expired but advertisers have not deleted them, Onlinecareer will redirect the traffic coming from search engines to the results page that displays the most similar job offers available at that point in time.
  • Advertisers who wish to terminate its relationship with Onlinecareer may do so at any time. To that effect, advertisers have to delete the job offers and their employer account or send Onlinecareer an e-mail to info(at)Onlinecareer(dot)com
  • The responsibility for the content of job adverts is exclusively attributable to Advertisers (irrespectively of the quality exam process performed by Onlinecareer). Likewise, if personal data is made public on such job adverts, Advertisers guarantee that they have the authorisations to publish such data in the Website and to make it functional according to the purposes of the Website.
  • Onlinecareer reserves the right to terminate its relationship with a particular advertiser at any time with or without notice or reason.

No licence

Onlinecareer authorises the use of intellectual property rights over the software that facilitates the website’s services and functions, in accordance with the Conditions herein. Onlinecareer does not grant any other licence or authorisation to intellectual property rights or any other property or right related to the website’s functions. Users can send in suggestions and proposals to improve the information, activities and/or functions provided by and/or available on the website, by contacting the Onlinecareer Customer Service

Exclusion of guarantees and liability

Not including the specific situations described in the website’s Legal Conditions and legal framework, Onlinecareer shall not be liable for damage of any kind caused by inaccurate or non specific information or by information that is not up to date; nor shall it be responsible for damage caused by errors or omissions of the information and services contained in the website, or other content accessed via the site; nor shall it be liable for verification or supervision of content and information. Moreover Onlinecareer does not guarantee ongoing availability and operability of the website, nor infallibility, and therefore excludes insofar as permitted by law, any liability for damages caused by a lack of availability or continuity in the site’s operations and services, or errors accessing other websites or websites that provide said services. Onlinecareer excludes any liability for damages resulting from services provided by third parties via the website and media employed to manage service requests, including but not limited to: acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising via the provision of services via the website; information that is false, inaccurate, non specific, imperfect, defective, irrelevant and/or out of date; and content transmitted, distributed, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible via the services provided by third parties via this website. Onlinecareer guarantees the user the right to de-register from the website, in a simple and effective manner, and to stop receiving messages from the website. Onlinecareer cannot guarantee that users who gain access to the user’s email via the contact details in his or her site will not contact said user again.

Personal data

Onlinecareer states that it will handle all personal data provided by users in accordance with the terms of the Protection of Personal Data Policy of the Onlinecareer website, which can be found in the legal conditions of this website. The user accepts that the content he or she enters will be available and accessible via Internet search engines. Users guarantee that the Personal Data provided is true, exact, up to date, and authentic, and they agree to maintain the aforementioned information up to date at all times.

Security measures

Given that Internet security measures are not impregnable when it comes to privacy and security, Onlinecareer does not guarantee that authorised and unauthorised third parties are not aware of the conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the website’s operations, and that they cannot access, intercept, delete, alter, modify or manipulate messages, communications and content of any kind, which users distribute or communicate to third parties via the website.

Links to third party pages

Onlinecareer’s content includes links to sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties, in order to facilitate access to information available via Internet. Onlinecareer does not accept liability for links between the content of the website and content external to the website, or any other mention of content external to the website. Thus, links and mentions exist for informational purposes only, and in no way signify support, approval, sale or any relation between Onlinecareer and the individuals or entities who have created and/or manage said content or own the websites on which they are found.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Legal Conditions and the rest of the website’s conditions are governed by Spanish law. As regards issues that arise in relation to the provision of services and content on Onlinecareer, and the interpretation, application, compliance and non compliance with information contained herein, Onlinecareer and the user, expressly renounce any right to submit to jurisdictions other than the Courts of Barcelona.


Copyright © 2008 – Onlinecareer S.L.- All rights

All operating rights are reserved.
This website is governed by Spanish law and is protected by national and international legislation on intellectual property. The texts, designs, images, databases, logos, layout, trademarks and other elements of the website belong to Onlinecareer or third parties who have given Onlinecareer the operating rights over the intellectual property rights in the context of the services provided via this website. These rights are protected by the laws and international treaties on intellectual property. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, communication or use of all or some of the website content, in any way or form, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, is strictly prohibited unless it is subject to prior written authorisation from Onlinecareer or the third party owner of the rights. Any infraction of these rights could lead to extrajudicial or civil or criminal legal proceedings. Any text, design, image, database, logo, layout, trademark or other third party industrial property right included in the website does not imply transfer of ownership of rights to Onlinecareer. The user is responsible for the legitimacy of the intellectual property rights to the content he or she uses. To protect intellectual property rights, any user or third party who considers that his or her legitimate rights have been breached by specific content on the website, should inform Onlinecareer, in writing to Onlinecareer, Edificio Testa Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 64-68, D, 4ª planta 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), stating:

  • The details identifying the owner of the rights that have been breached and, in the event of the interested party being represented by a third party, the details of the representative.
  • Indicate the content protected by the specific intellectual property right and the location of the content on the website.
  • Proof of the existence, ownership and validity of the intellectual property right.
  • Statement in which the interested party accepts liability for the truth of the details and information provided in the notification described herein.


Information rights

The data protection policy governs access and use of the website services, (hereafter “Onlinecareer”) which Onlinecareer S.L., which contact details are set forth on top of this Legal condition, makes available to Internet users interested in the site’s services and content (hereafter “users”). In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Onlinecareer as owner of the Website, informs the user that Onlinecareer obtains, uses, stores and processes personal data relating to users for the purposes of rendering the services set forth in section 2.2 above. Such data refers to name, surname and email address, as well as contact details contained in job offers posted by advertisers. Onlinecareer fully complies with the legislation in force as regards personal data protection and with the confidentiality agreements concerning its activity. If the user decides to register with Onlinecareer he or she shall be asked to provide data that is strictly necessary for the website to function according to its purpose, which is, basically, to facilitate communication between job advertisers and job seekers, and to inform users of job advertisers’ characteristics and reputation among other users. For this reason users are required to fill out a form that includes their personal details. This data shall be used strictly for website functions, within the established regulatory framework. The legitimity for such data processes is the user consent, which shall be withheld at any time as stated below. Onlinecareer shall keep the personal data provided by users while the user is interested in Onlinecareer services.


Onlinecareer collects information concerning users who register via the web form available on the Onlinecareer website for the following reasons:

  • Creation of a personal account where recently searched and read jobs can be saved, and jobs can be blocked permanently.
  • A permanent list of the latest searches carried out by the user that can be accessed from any computer.
  • Subscription and distribution of alerts containing recently published job offers.
  • Publication of job offers and direct contact with the persons interested in these job offers.
  • Offering training related to the job searches the user has carried out.

Compulsory or optional nature of the information provided by the user and reliability of the information

The user must complete the fields marked with (*) in the registration form so that Onlinecareer can process the form. All other fields are voluntary.
The user guarantees that the personal information provided is true and agrees to inform Onlinecareer of any changes to the same.
The user guarantees that the personal information provided is exact and up to date and reflects the user’s current status. The user is responsible for keeping his or her information up to date at all times. The user is responsible for any mistake or error in the data provided, and shall be liable for any damage deriving from said errors, as regards Onlinecareer or third parties, by virtue of using Onlinecareer’s services.

User Consent

The transfer of personal data via Onlinecareer’s electronic form or via email, signifies the sender’s consent to the processing of his or her details by means of the Onlinecareer website medium, functions and products, as well as receiving electronic correspondence containing information relating to Onlinecareer and its initiatives. All users accept that personal data may be transferred to third parties as a consequence of the site’s operations. For these purposes references to third parties mean “users or entities that wish to contact the user”. Third parties may be located aborad in third countries. Therefore, users expressly accept and authorise the transfer of their data to third countries where other users may be located. All users who register (both job advertisers and job seekers) are aware and therefore expressly accept that data concerning them will be published and visible on the Onlinecareer website and Internet search engines.

Information provided by minors

Persons of an age over fourteen may register at as users without prior consent form their parents or guardians.

Minors under 14 cannot register to use Onlinecareer without prior consent from their parents or guardians.

Under no circumstances will Onlinecareer collect data on the professional, economic or private situation of a minor or any of his family members without prior consent.

If you are under 14 and have entered the site without notifying your parents you cannot register as a user.

Electronic communication

Onlinecareer offers the user the free of charge service of job alerts that Onlinecareer sends to the electronic address of the user who subscribes to the service making use of the email alert subscription form. Onlinecareer has established two mechanisms by which users can reject said services, simply and at zero cost. To do so the user must enter the Configuration menu, select Notifications and de-activate the relevant sending options in the Email section. Users can also de-activate this service by following the instructions at the bottom of the email.


Onlinecareer informs users that it has adopted the technical and organisational measures laid down by law, to protect their personal data and to prevent it from being altered, lost, handled or accessed without authorisation, bearing in mind the status of the technology, nature of the data saved and the risks to which it is exposed, in accordance with Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which passed the Development Regulation of Fundamental Law 15/1999, of 13 December on the protection of personal data and other control procedures for the security of systems and information.



Cookies settings

Onlinecareer sets its cookies to make the user’s navigation experience as pleasant as possible. By using cookies Onlinecareer can be sure to be offering users the content that most interests them.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file downloaded on to the computer, Smartphone or tablet of the user. This file is used to gather information about the user’s navigation or the user’s computer. Cookies keep track of the user’s session, improve the loading time of the website and avoid showing information the user already knows, etc.

Onlinecareer cookies

The cookies used in Onlinecareer to offer users the best service possible are:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are essential for the running of the services users expect to get, and to avoid showing certain informational layers that users have chosen to hide. Without these cookies both the contents and services offered in Onlinecareer would not function properly and the user experience would suffer from it.
  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are used by us or by third parties to monitor the performance of the user and to analyse user behabiour patterns, the number of visitors, visited pages or sections, navigation time, data of used browsers, visited website and information related to the navigation itself.
  • The aim behind using these cookies is to improve user experience on the web in terms of the source through which they access the portal and to create statistical reports on website traffic, total audience and audience in a particular advertising campaign. To create reports based on general patterns of the website visitors.
    We inform you that the third parties that could have access to this information are Google Analytics ( and Score Card Research (Full Circle studies, Inc) ( , without detriment to other companies. You can consult the privacy policy on cookies of these companies by clicking on the links above.
    We obtain third party audience aggregated data (such as age, gender, and interests) through Google Analytics.
  • Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies: these cookies are treated by us or by third parties in accordance with the law. They allow us to manage, in the most effective way possible, the advertising spaces offered on the web, the tailoring of the content of the requested service or the use that is made of our website. As a result, we can analyse the user’s browsing habits on the Internet and we can show them the advertisements that best fit their interests. Besides, they are needed to manage advertising campaigns by following different patterns such as the number of times an advertisement is seen, or to improve and manage the exposure to advertisements by avoiding those the user has already seen.
  • We use Remarketing technology with Google Analytics to advertise online.
  • Third-party vendors, including Google, may show our ads on sites across the Internet.
    Ourselves and third-party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to inform, to optimize, to report how our ad impressions, other uses of ad services, interactions with these ad impressions and ad services are related to visits to our site and serve ads based on someone’s past visits to our website.
  • We inform you that the third party that could access this information is ( without detriment to other companies. If you would like to consult this company’s privacy and cookie policy you can access their conditions through the above link.
  • Behavioural cookies: these cookies manage advertising campaigns following the specific user’s profile.

If strictly analytical cookies, advertising cookies and behavioural cookies are not enabled your user experience will not be affected. However, successful advertisements that help Onlinecareer bring in income will be, as well as our capability to offer free services and contents.

Facebook Information Collection and Use

Through our use of Facebook products and services, including but not limited to Facebook Connect and Facebook Platform, we may receive personally identifiable information about yourself such as name, profile picture, education information, work information, fan pages, networks, current location, friends, and similar personally identifiable information about your friends who are registered on Facebook (“Friends”). We may use this information so that we can customize and improve the services that we may provide to you.

By visiting our Site, information that we receive from Facebook about you and your Friends may appear on our Site. In addition, if a user visits our Site and you are listed as a Friend of that user on Facebook, your information may also appear on our Site.

We will comply with the policies and terms of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities as stated here:

We will not share any of your information that we receive from Facebook with External web Sites. However, as we cannot control the data that you choose to share with External web Sites, nor can we control how External web Sites choose to use the data available to them, we advise you to review the terms and policies of any External web Site that you visit. If you wish to opt out of sharing your Facebook information with us, you must update your Facebook privacy options on your Facebook Privacy Settings page here: or you can deactivate Facebook features on Onlinecareer. We encourage you to review the following information about Facebook’s Privacy Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.


Through our use of LinkedIn products and services or your sign in through your LinkedIn account, including but not limited to LinkedIn Connect and LinkedIn Platform, we may receive personally identifiable information about yourself such as name, profile picture, education information, work information, fan pages, networks, current location, friends, and similar personally identifiable information about your contacts who are registered on LinkedIn (“Contacts”). We may use this information so that we can customize and improve the services that we may provide to you.

By visiting our Site, information that we receive from LinkedIn about you and your Contacts may appear on our Site. In addition, if a user visits our Site and you are listed as a Contact of that user on LinkedIn, your information may also appear on our Site.

We will comply with the policies and terms of LinkedIn Privacy Police as stated here:

We do not share information received from LinkedIn with External web Sites. However, as we cannot control the data that you choose to share with External web Sites, nor can we control how External web Sites choose to use the data available to them, we advise you to review the terms and policies of any External web Site that you visit. If you wish to opt out of sharing your LinkedIn information with us, you must update your LinkedIn privacy options on your LinkedIn Privacy Settings page or you can deactivate LinkedIn features on Onlinecareer. We encourage you to review the following information about LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy:

Information obtained by Onlinecareer thanks to the use of these cookies (related to the users’ computer) may be combined with users’ personal data as long as they are registered in Onlinecareer.

Disabling Cookies

Users can disable and/or eliminate cookies by following their Internet browser instructions; however such action may considerably reduce the user’s ability to use the site and may be incompatible with their needs.

Users can also choose at any time which cookies they want to enable on the website through their browser settings:

External alternatives

  • ‘Opt-out’ cookies: The use of these systems may install on your computer a ‘rejection’ cookie to make your deactivation request work.
  • Other third party tools available on other websites: these enable users to detect all cookies from each website they visit and manage their deactivation.
  • Available opt-outs for Google Analytics’:

Onlinecareer, S.L. is not responsible for the contents and accuracy of third parties’ privacy included in this cookies policy. If you have any question or concern about it, please send Onlinecareer, S.L. an email to

Users Right

Users have rights in relation to the way we (Onlinecareer) handle their personal data. These include the following rights:

  • where the legal basis of our processing is consent, to withdraw that consent at any time;
  • to ask for access to the personal data that we hold;
  • to ask us to erase personal data (when we do not have a legal basis to keep such personal data)
  • to ask us to rectify inaccurate data or to complete incomplete data;
  • to restrict processing in specific circumstances;
  • to make a complaint to the Data Protection authorities; and
  • to ask for the portability of their personal data, and therefore to have such personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format.